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The Arsstudio company specializes in the comprehensive accomplishment of market stalls, and our experience is paying off. We are on the market from 1999, still enlarging the technological base. We put mainly to long-standing relations with customers at our work. As well as always we focus on details.

We are coming up to every customer with the consistent commitment and we are trying to make him feel exceptional on each stage of our cooperation. A complexity of the offer is singling us out from many companies, starting from building development of the stand on the exhibition, through the lighting, modern sound system and multimedia effects.

Building in numerous international exhibition centres we got to know standards which we are transferring to our native exhibition market. We were the first company in Poland which carried out the stand for Lamborghini, the authentic boxing ring or water curtain on the 3-Helisa stand. There are no restrictions for us, we are winning with the approach, the individualism and the care of the workmanship.

We noticed that exhibitors are seeking for trustworthy partners, which will be able to provide the appropriate cover of their brand at the fair. We appreciate trust, which we receive by using selected and highest quality materials for construction of the stands. We provide stands in such a way that we would like to receive while being in the place of our customers.

A success at the fair isn't only a perfectly made stand, it is much more that a particular exhibitor must carry out. Our recipe for success is also punctuality with confirmed opinions from our Polish clients as well as customers from other countries. Understanding the priorities of exhibitors, the reliability and the experienced staff of employees became a base of our success.

All our clients are equal, from large big budgeted companies to the smallest ones. If you are looking for trusted company, which would like to listen attentively to your individual needs than we look forward to hear from you.

To our customers we are offering:

  • Graphics Department

  • Project Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Our large-format printing house

  • Teams of our own stands builders

  • Carpenter's workshop

  • Magazine

  • Our own transportation

  • Equipment to build the stand

  • Service during the fair

ARSSTUDIO has a qualified staff, starting from carpenters up to fitters, the marketing department and the sale representatives. We create the group of people which understands modern exhibition marketing. Building stands is for us something more than a work, this is commitment, ambition and the creativity. We are gathering fans of the exhibition industry in our rows, no one of us just happened to be here, each of us is different, but one purpose is joining us - it is a passion.



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